How to have Exquisite Sex (3 Ways to go from Average to Amazing)

I love sex! True story. But trust me… this hasn’t always been the case.
Especially when I was younger. My goodness, that was just bad.

I was feeling totally un-present, and had this idea I always had to please the guy.
Let’s just say I was not feeling very connected to myself, let alone to my partner.
And hey, society hasn’t exactly told us how to stand powerfully in our sexuality as women…


Once I started discovering my sexual power, it completely changed my life.
I now believe that sexuality is the key to living an enriched, fulfilled and enlightened life.

That said, it can be easy to fall back into old habits!! (Especially in our busy lives…)
You know, when you’re feeling rushed and quick and just want to get it over with…


But you know what? Life’s too short for that. You are worthy of having epic, amazing sex. All the time. 

So how to have exquisite sex? Watch today’s video and find out.



After you’re done watching, I’d love to know:
What’s the #1 insight you’re taking away from this? 

Remember, this topic is still quite taboo, so everything you share here can make a difference!

Thank you! for watching and sharing.

With Love,
Leonie xo ❤



  1. An says:

    Thank you Leonie. I recognize myself in what you say. The breathing is a new idea. I will implenent this. And enroll my partner in some things of course 🙂

    • Hey sweet An,
      I’m so happy to hear you’ll start using the breathing technique! It can really give a gigantic boost to your experience. I feel excited for your discovery, and I wish you lots of fun with it!
      Xx Leonie

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