How To Gain Confidence & Become Orgasmic with Sasha Cobra

Palms sweaty. Knees week. Thought I could control myself, but my body didn’t agree.
Trying to put on a smile, I burst into tears.

Our bodies just don’t lie… When energy wants to move through us, it eventually will.

We all know there’s no reason in suppressing our feelings. Sometimes that’s just easier said than done.
Especially when we find old emotions… It can seem like a journey with no end!

I’ve spent years healing the connection to myself (especially my sexuality) – and I’m still working on it!
Sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s hard.

But with every step I take, I feel so much more alive, confident and connected…
Heightened states of love, happiness and deep orgasmic bliss always await on the other side 😉

Today’s interview is extremely close to my heart.
Sasha Cobra has worked with sexual energy for over 10 years.
She helps people release traumas and unprocessed feelings from the body, by using their orgasmic potential.

I had the pleasure to participate in one of her events.
I shed lots of tears, but I gotta say… it really freed me up.

If you want to feel more orgasmic and alive, watch today’s video now.

You’ll learn:
– Why you don’t need to perform to feel confident and fulfilled
– How to relax completely into the most blissful state of yourself
– How to tap into your natural sensual nature to experience states of bliss

The knowledge Sasha shares is extremely close to my heart.
Her words of wisdom will help you get back to a state of love, instantly.

Please watch it today.
And let me know in the blog: what’s the biggest insight you got from watching this video? 

I love you!
Leonie xxx


  1. Raquel says:

    Good stuff! Enough of feeling like we are not enough. 🙂

  2. Charlotte Derksen says:

    You gorgeous woman <3 feel really relaxed after watching this. nice subject to talk about 🙂

    • Leonie says:

      Yummy Charlotte! I’m happy to hear you’ve enjoyed this topic. Yes, true relaxation is the key (& a natural result) of fully allowing your authentic presence. ♥ So happy to have you here! Big hugs, Leonie xxx

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