The Secret Message I Got From Oshun, Goddess of Luxury 🌻

Hey gorgeous,

Yesterday I made an offering.

I received an impulse to go for a walk in the morning.

I didn’t feel like doing it, but I had an inkling I’d receive a message that would prepare me for my work that evening.

I had a big event coming, a webinar for the Sensual Boss Babe Challenge with 1450 women registered.

As always, energy was building up within me. ⚡️

Some call it nervousness, but I think it’s actually a good thing — it puts me in the right energy.

Anyway, I decided to go for a walk. I agreed with my love I’d meet him and the dog afterwards at the river in 20 minutes.

On my way outside, I thought of something that one of my mentors, Sasha Cobra used to do.

She used to make an offering to Oshun, the goddess of the river and fresh water, luxury, pleasure, sexuality and fertility, beauty and love.

She is connected to destiny and divination. 💦💕

You’re supposed to bring 5 things, in the color yellow. I stepped outside, and a bush of gorgeous yellow flowers looked at me. 🌼

Perfect! I picked 5 of them and carried them with me gently.

I remember thinking: I just wish I had some honey, As I was told Oshun really likes this.

But then I smelled the flowers and realized…

They smelled exactly like honey! 🍯

So delicious and sweet.

As I was on the way to the river, I received this message from Oshun:

Be deeply in your body this evening.

Relax. Stay present. Be here.

Your presence = transformational energy 💕

Mmmm… it was the perfect way to prepare for me.

I continued walking, when all of a sudden I knew: this is the spot.

The offer has to be given here.

I hesitated…

The place where I was right now didn’t feel so epic, it was a weird little bridge.

Besides, if I continued walking I could make the offer at the spot I was meeting my lover.

It was a special spot, where two rivers were meeting.

He could take some pictures of my ceremony, as I would swim in the river with the flowers.

Something in me said again:

It has to be here on this bridge, and you must do it alone.

I hesitated, then decided to ignore my impulse, and continued walking to the place where my love and I would meet, convincing myself that it would be just as perfect.

I noticed I did feel sad as I left the little bridge…

But I was already quite far ahead and a bit late, and didn’t want to leave my partner waiting.

Besides: why wouldn’t I go to where the rivers would meet!?

I thought it would be perfect.

Then I received:


I felt silly, but I decided to follow it…

I ran back to the place that didn’t make any sense to me, stepped on the bridge and dropped the flowers in the river, one by one.

I took some pics of the flowers as they dropped in, and felt very happy and complete.

I continued walking to the spot where my partner and I would meet.

When I arrived there, everything started making sense to me…

There was a woman on this spot, who we met the day before.

We told her about this beautiful place where we went swimming daily.

She was there with her cat and golden retriever who she always took when walking.

The moment I arrived, my boyfriend just came over with our tibetan terrier…

Then something crazy happened…

Our dog attacked the cat, scared the ducks in the river, and started fighting with the golden retriever…

As you can imagine, it wasn’t the most sacred space! 😂

Making my offering here, wouldn’t be appropriate.

I was so happy I had followed my intuition… 💛

And then, I looked at the river and noticed…

The yellow leaves of the flowers I offered earlier were coming down the stream! 😍

I couldn’t help but stare with joy at the river, watching the petals being played with by the water… 🌼

It was a really magical moment…

The point of this story is:

Follow your intuition.

It gives you everything you need.

Hugs, Leonie

P.S.: Did you ever experience something similar? Let me know in the comments below.


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