How to Tap Into Higher Guidance to Manifest Your Dreams 🙏🏻

Ever feel like you needed to strategize and figure everything out yourself in order to get where you want to be?

I know I did. 😂  (I’m still fighting the tendency!)

But if you think about it, isn’t that kinda crazy? It’s like saying to the Universe: “I know you’re awesome — but I’m gonna be all ALONE in this!” 😉

What if there were information available to you at all times that would have all the answers and help you on your journey? 💞

After growing up in Christian cult, I thought the idea of “praying”, tapping into a “Higher Power”, and “asking for Guidance” was bullshit.

Now, I think differently. (In fact, I pray frequently).

In today’s vlog I share how to tap into your higher guidance and use it to manifest your dreams.


You’ll discover:

💗 How to use prayer in a way that doesn’t feel weird or crazy
💗 Tips to call in guidance immediately
💗 Simple steps to saving tons of struggle, hard work, feeling depressed or lonely
💗 My personal ritual to connect with god/spirit

Watch the video above.

Hugs from Croatia,
Leonie ⛵️🌊💕🌞

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  1. marta says:

    what is this kundalini mix again ??? thank you

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