Hey gorgeous,

Ever struggle to feel the difference between your intuition and your fear?

Perhaps you’ve had thoughts like:

Am I feeling inspired or fearful?

Should I take action or not?

Is this an inner pull or are these just some random thoughts in my head? 

Trust me… I’ve spent days trying to recognize the difference between my intuition and my fear.

As a powerful woman navigating today’s world, your intuition really is your highest guidance…

But we certainly didn’t learn how to connect to it in school.

If you’d like to learn to feel the difference between your intuition vs. fear, today’s vlog is for you.

In this vlog you’ll learn:

– 2 Simple steps to bust your fears and trust your guts

– The “time-key” factor, and how I use it to create instant clarity

– 3 ways to connecting more deeply with your intuition

After watching, leave a comment and let me know: how do you recognize your intuition from your fear? What do you do when making a decision?

Remember: you can trust yourself.

Life gets to be fun.

The world needs your radiance. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sending big hugs,
Leonie xx


  1. Caroline says:

    Thank you Leonie!
    The timing of “bumping into” this video in this moment was a bit crazy as I’m going through a huge struggle in separating my inner voice/intuition from fear/my mind. It helped me calm down and realizing that everything is ok, and like you said “there is no right or wrong decision” which my mind often believes there is. <3

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey! Yea totally something I’ve been questioning recently so I’m going to take your suggestions and put them into practice and see if they work for me. Thanks!!

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    Oh Good Goddess! This vid is brilliant. I’ve needed to understand this for a life time.

  4. Mielikki says:

    I have recently found myself stuggling a LOT with listening to my intuition. The last twelve months of my life have been full of upheavels and changes within me, really a journey into myself and finding out what I truly want to manifest into my life, and how to follow my inner guidance rather than giving in to my fears. This video helped me quite a lot in how to make the difference between the two voices inside me. The calm voice really is the one I should trust, not the rush or the “I have to”-thinking. Meditating is also a big thing for me, silencing myself so that I can hear what my heart truly desires and wishes for me to encounter in my life. Thank you again Leonie for these tips, I’ll be sure to pay attention to these factors in the future

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