5 Steps to Manifest Your Biz Like a Boss Babe

When I was growing up, I secretly wished I was a boy.

I felt inadequate as a woman… (probably connected to the church I grew up in).

For years, I was hid anything that even slightly resembled sensuality or feminine.

Yet today, this is COMPLETELY different.

I’m proud to say I’m working, living and creating from my deepest feminine flow, intuition, softness while still playing BIG as an entrepreneur …

What a joy – I get to keep them both (and they enhance each other)! 😌

And because I made this shift happen intentionally… I know you can too, Love. 

You CAN be a BOSS BABE, be unstoppably creative, own your game, manifest amazing business, financial results and live an epic lifestyle WHILE letting yourself be guided by intuition, feel connected to your body, feel turned on by your creativity and feel blissfully and sensually awake…

If want to live & work from your deepest truth, feminine power & blissful creativity, here are 5 steps to make it happen:

#1 – Get crystal clear on your dreams… ✨

What kind of life do you want to live?

What are you committed to?

What is actually important for you on this life’s journey?

These questions might not be the easiest, but in order to manifest your most epic life, you need to answer these questions and answer them often… Marinate yourself in your vision, the excitement of it. Without doing this, I’d still be wandering aimlessly around the planet and wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do with my life, feeling, well… lost. Clarity turned that baby around for me.

#2 – Stay aligned with your soul’s purpose 🔥

What touches you deeply?

What hurts you about the world?

What gets you fired up when you talk about it?

When I get women talking about their purpose I get deeply touched every single time. Because I know how important it is. How much the world needs their feminine healing, wisdom and joy. That’s what’s also driving me to write this blog post. It fills me with passion. Tapping into your deeper purpose will ignite your inner super-woman and make you feel naturally unstoppable.

#3 – Use your sensuality to manifest your desires 💃🏼

The first two steps will get you moving and rocking on your journey. Yes, they’ll help you achieve whatever you desire. But if you don’t stay connected to your sensuality, you’ll soon turn into an overly masculine beast – constantly striving for something, trying to get somewhere – with less and less fulfillment, sensual drive, risking your health, happiness and be well on your way to a burnout.

Sounds dramatic? Well… it is. 😉

Unless you stay deeply connected to your body, like, all the time. Here’s the key: staying connected to your sensuality is the source of your power. It’s your elixir of life. Skip this step and you’re doing an energetic suicide. It’s like sitting in a Tesla with 2% battery and wanting to drive off on a Eurotrip without charging. Simply does not work and it’s not sustainable.

#4 – Embrace the power of your masculine AND your feminine energies ☯

Masculine energy has the power to both destruct and to heal, depending how you use it. If you use it in your benefit, it won’t just heal you on the deepest level, but it’ll create a safe space, in which your feminine can nurture you, make you come alive and fill you up with love and inspiration to conquer the world.

And even…. help you step into your feminine.

Look at masculine energy as the riverbanks: the structures and systems you operate within. Your daily rituals. Your profit plan. Your processes. Once you’ve got these properly set in place, it’s so much easier to surrender into your feminine. 🌊

Step #5 – Join the Live Your Passion Challenge 🙌🏻

If you want to learn from someone who’s devoted their whole life to this practice (like, 24/7, 365 days a year 😉) let me take you by the sexy hand and show you the way.

For 7 days, you’ll receive inspiring videos with actionable exercises that will help you discover and get clear on all of the above👆- your vision, purpose, overcoming negative beliefs, tapping into confidence (with thousands of other women 😍!!)… 🙏🏻

Together we’ll create an energetic field of high vibes, creativity, bliss and limitless living… It’s an incredible tribe of ecstatic, spiritual, street-smart women that embraces their femininity and being deeply sensual while creating their life’s work.

This is super useful if you already know what your passion is AND if you have yet to figure it out (we’ll guide you along the way)…

It’s 100% free and for women only.

Get your butt in and sign up here >>> https://liveyourpassionchallenge.com/freetraining


Leonie 💖🌸🌞


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