7 Lessons We Learned From Getting Robbed in Bali 🇮🇩

The other day I walked into our home in Bali and saw the windows were open wide.

Adrenaline started rushing as my body and mind started to grasp what likely happened.

As I stepped inside, it quickly became clear:

There were clothes everywhere.

Someone had been searching our stuff.

My heart started pounding.

It seemed like a dream. A movie. A nightmare…

As more adrenaline flowed through my veins I noticed myself breathing heavier.

Fuck… this is really happening…

So… we made our way to Bali a few weeks ago.

It’s been a pleasure being here.

The weather has been wonderful…

The raw foods delicious, and the people soooo incredibly sweet.

But on our 4th day here…

Something weird happened.

We were recommended a place for long term rent by a friend of ours.

We didn’t feel like staying at hotels the whole time, so figured we’d settle down at a home somewhere.

This friend was very excited about this house.

It had a mostly outside living area (the living room and kitchen were both outside, and in order to get from the bathroom to the bedroom you had to walk outside as well.

I initially didn’t like this, but figured that’s just how they rolled in Bali…)

We asked the owner if it was safe to leave our belongings here, and he replied: “of course, absolutely, no one steals in Bali”.

We stayed there for a couple of days.

Then one day, we go to check out some other homes.

We weren’t sure if we wanted to stay on this location long term, as something felt funky there.

After checking out some other properties that evening, we went for dinner.

While we’re eating, we’re mentioning our feeling of feeling unsafe at the house we’re currently staying at, saying:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if our things got stolen right now.”

We came home, and damn right — someone entered the house.

Admittedly, it wasn’t very hard to break in, all you had to do was push the window roughly and it opened.

In some weird turn of events, the thief did not take any of my belongings (even though my laptop was in plain sight)

But he did take:
– The €3000 laptop Klemen was using
– His favorite snowboarding backpack
– An e-reader with hundreds of books
– Most of Klemen’s clothing

Thank goodness we still had our passports, phones and wallets.

Now here’s the interesting part:

I was so impressed by how Klemen dealt with it.

First, he took a moment to release his anger. He shouted “F*CK!!” 2 times from the top of his lungs.

Then, he smoked a cigarette (he doesn’t smoke usually) and went to the police to report everything.

When he came back, he said to me: “I refuse to become a victim of this. I’m going to write down and journal right now why I’m thrilled this is happening.”

Immediately after it happened, we shifted our experience about this seemingly shitty experience.

Here Are 7 Lessons We Learned From Getting Robbed in Bali:

1. Always trust your feelings.

I felt unsafe the moment we accessed this house.

But for some weird reason (because a friend recommended this place (she had lived there for 4 months and even left her belongings outside), and the owner said it was safe (nothing was stolen from the 3 houses in the compound since they started it 5 years ago),

we decided to put aside our feelings of unsafety and leave our belongings inside a fucking shed.

Duhhh. What the hell were we thinking?

2. Never settle for things that don’t feel amazing. 

The only reason we stayed in the house was because we didn’t find anything better.

But it did not at all feel like home or feel “great”.

Never settle for being in a place that’s “kind of okay”.

Take the steps and let yourself be led to a place that feels freaking amazing.

Don’t stay somewhere “in between”.

3. Always focus on what you want. 

Life will challenge you.

Amongst a shit storm, what do you choose to do?

Will you let a challenge take you out of the game?

Or do you take care of what needs to happen, then move on and focus on creating the life and impact you’re here to create?

We decided to do the latter.

We shifted our attention, moved places and started working on our mission again.

4. Safety is highly underrated 

In the conscious/spiritual community there is a huge focus on just ‘being aligned’ — and when you’re spiritually ‘tapped in’, everything’s supposed to work out for you.

Sure, while that’s very helpful in some situations, why the hell wouldn’t you let yourself live in a place that’s well-secured?!

Why wouldn’t you invest in some powerful insurance, or a good lock?

There’s a saying that says: ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

Help yourself and allow yourself to feel safe.

It’s a lot easier to grow from here.

We lied down in bed that evening (it was 23:30 before we got back from the police, wrote down our insights and went to sleep) but couldn’t fall asleep.

I said to Klemen: “This is going to be a long night.


I felt incredibly unsafe.

Me sharing this triggered a deep, instinctual protector mechanism in Klemen.

He said: “Let’s go. You look for a hotel, I’ll close everything up and pack everything, and we’re going to leave.


It felt amazing to trust this feeling and to bring ourself to a safe place…

Give yourself the safety you need so you can feel thrive. The same goes for friendships and relationships.

5. Take radical responsibility 

It would be so easy for us to get upset with the owner of the place, because the window was not properly burglar-proof and he had told us the place was safe.

Truth was: we knew this.

We chose to consciously leave behind our belongings in what they call a home in Bali but we consider a shed.

Never punish yourself, but understand your choices and how they lead up to certain consequences.

6. Back up your great work

Not kidding. You can’t screw around with your deepest life’s work.

If you use a MacBook it takes literally $1 to $3 monthly to have everything backed up into iCloud.

Saving those few bucks is NOT worth the pain of losing your content!!

7. Allow yourself to be supported

I grew up with the idea of always taking personal responsibility and not depending too much on other people.

While this is a very healthy way of being, I’ve so gotten to appreciate my family and close friends…

Deep friendships, caring for and supporting each other when you’re in need.

It’s incredible how much easier life can be (and you can allow others to contribute to you! Which can also be a gift).

So, … will you let life take you out of the game or take every situation as a growth opportunity?

It’s up to you…

Then something magical happened the next day…

I was walking down the street with Klemen, when all of a sudden a woman stopped us and said:

“Oh my gosh… I have to stop you. You are Leonie.

My life has quantum shifted since I started following you…

I want to thank you and Klemen for who you are and everything you’re doing”

She continued:

“After doing the Dream Vision Meditation everything shifted for me.

It gave me the clarity and direction I craved.

I had never experienced as much clarity until I did this meditation.

I’m now living my dreams as I envisioned, by being here in Bali…

Thank you both so much for being you and thank you for all you do.”


Wow… Isn’t that beautiful?!

Bare in mind: I had never met this beautiful woman before…

I’d never seen her like or post or comment on my email or on social media.

But I had been influencing her life deeply…

I want you to know… Your influence is also bigger than you think, …

(Want some more inspiration on how big your influence really is?

Read my massively successful blog post “Why Your Influence Might Be Bigger Than You Think”.)

And you download the Dream Vision Meditation Cecilia talks about here.

Whenever shit hits the fan: ask yourself: what is great about this?

Why am I thrilled this is happening?

What’s the blessing?

Do I choose to focus on the shit that happened in my life?

Or the beautiful big impact and precious moments?

Focus on that and you’ll create continuous magic in your life.

Remember: you are a powerhouse.

You can trust yourself.

The world needs your message.

And you really can have it all…

Sending big hugs,

Leonie xxx

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