What I Learned About Divine Feminine Leadership at the World’s #1 Hotel 🇮🇳💕

Hey there gorgeous,

I just spent an incredible week in India.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1) I stayed at the the beautiful Leela Palace in Udaipur (world’s #1 rated hotel)

The welcoming here has been amazing!

2) I studied feminine leadership with Indian goddesses like Shakti and Saraswati.

Here are some of the core insights I received during this training:

💓 My mission is still so very needed. When I visited Udaipur’s City Palace, the amount of suppression women experienced a few hundred years ago shocked me. It’s not that long ago since women have experienced complete suppression sexually and financially. Part of my mission is to help women trust themselves and step into their sexual and financial freedom. It is still SO very needed.

💓 I can go straight for what my soul says. There’s no need to get locked up in “frustration”, “overwhelm” or “upset”. In stead, go straight for the desired result/outcome and focus all my energy there.

💓 I am a superstar. It’s time to start acting like one – every single day. Connect with my women from this space. Serve and be there for them. Let myself be led when it comes to the things I create for them. Love my tribe. And outsource like a mofo.

Here’s the card I drew somewhere during the sessions… Kapha.

It said: “Calm. Grounded. Connected to Earth.

People naturally gravitate towards you.

The deepest place you’ll find is where you are.” 🙏🏻

3) I did a photoshoot with Indian photographer Ravi.

(I can’t wait to show you these pics!!)

4) Had a beautiful graduation call with the women in the Abundant Passionpreneur Academy.

(I’m so proud of them and what they’ve been creating… This power posse will take over the world one day!)

5) Enjoyed an epic 8 course dinner in one of Udaipur’s top restaurants

👑 You are the Queen of Your Life. 👑

It’s not that long ago since women were unable to express themselves. They were unable to vote, they could not feel free in their sexuality, they could not earn money on their own terms.

Many women still can’t. When I visited Udaipur’s City Palace, this became very clear to me. Women were held captive there, purely to serve their king.

Oprah Winfrey has a painting of a slave girl in the entrance of her house. It’s there to remind her of the not-long ago history that men and women of her race went through in the United States…

Sexual and financial oppression has been used for thousands of years to keep (men and) women down. In what way are we keeping the victim narrative alive? In what way have you not taken your freedom and power?

It’s time for a new story. Knowing the precious freedom you have, how do you choose to design your life? How much would you like to earn, how would you like to express yourself?

Please remember: you can trust yourself.

Everything you desire really is available to you.

(That includes the love, the impact and the money!)

The world needs your message…

You are powerful beyond measure…

And you really can have it all.

May you have a magical, empowered year.

Big hugs,

Leonie xxxx




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