How to Release Fear & Manifest Your Business with Confidence

Hi gorgeous!

Wondering how to still make money right now? Or if it’s even ethical?! 😱

If so, you’re going to LOVE today’s video.

I got interviewed by Nika Mocnik on how to release fear and continue growing your business with confidence amid covid-19. 🚀

During this powerful 1hr interview, we touched upon:

– How to continue manifesting money right now and why it’s crucial for you to do so
– My morning ritual (I do this EVERY DAY) that helped me manifest more, while I “should be” earning less
– How to make your money mindset mega strong and overcome fears of selling and receiving
– Why it’s ethical to make $$ right now (and why the world needs you to earn and serve)

We touched upon some serious gems, which quite honestly — I haven’t shared publicly before. ✨

Enjoy this video!

I hope this video serves you.

Remember: you can trust yourself. Life gets to be fun (yes, even right now).

And, perhaps more than ever, the world truly does need your radiance.

Big hugs, Leonie 😘💕



  1. Kaja says:

    Hey Leonie! Thank you for the inspiring interview! I have a short question though: in which time frame did you go from that rock bottom (after ur Dad saved u for the last time) and the manifestation of your exact amount of money as ‘asked’ ? Lots of love from The Hague:-)

    • Leonie says:

      Hi gorgeous, I love that this interview resonated with you! Between me asking for the manifestation and it showing up, there was approximately 2 months. The rockbottom I had hit a year before that. Once I was able to ask for what I wanted (and focus on it), the manifestation happened within less than 60 days. ❤️ There’s a saying that goes like this: “Manifestation doesn’t take time, it simply takes alignment.” I truly believe in that. ⭐️ I hope this helps! Sending big hugs, Leonie xxx

  2. Wow Leonie, the thumbnail for this video is GORGEOUS!!!
    You look amazing.
    Clicking to watch now…. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    • Leonie says:

      Hey gorgeous, thanks a million! So fun to have you here. Loved giving this interview. Hope it’s served you too, sensual goddess Queen of Queens! Big hugs, Leonie xxx ❤️

  3. Courtney Smith says:

    Thank you infinity❤️ I do have a question….did you learn to do all your own marketing? Like making your websites and learning how to use various tools or did somebody help you through it? Thank you Leonie, you’re so beautiful and have inspired me greatly❤️ I appreciate you☀️

    • Leonie says:

      Hey dear! So lovely to have you here. I did learn to do (and still do!) pretty much all my own marketing… I think it’s empowering to know I take the reins in my business and am aware of what’s going out. It’s often a lot easier than we think. I hope this interview was helpful, and can’t wait to hear what you will take from this to create the business and impact of YOUR dreams! Sending big hugs, Leonie xxxx ❤️

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