How My 3 Greatest Nightmares Became My Greatest Blessings

Hi gorgeous!

Ever wonder how some people can enjoy life, make a massive impact and a bunch of money without any guilt or shame?

You have so many ideas, you think positively, and are genuinely a great person, but keep stay stuck in limiting beliefs about yourself, your business and money?

Let me assure you, I was once where you are now and there is an answer.

In fact, did you know that I was bullied as a child (I ate lunch on the toilet), and grew up in a Christian cult? (Which, let’s say, had an “interesting” point of view on women…)

Join me in this video where I’ll share the 3 biggest lies I was told since I was little. You’ll see how you can rewire them to access emotional, spiritual and financial freedom in your life.

What you’ll learn:

💕 The 3 biggest lies I’ve been told since I was young
💕 What growing up in a christian cult taught me about women 🤷🏼‍♀️
💕 How I managed to uncover those lies and remove them
💕 How I used it to fuel my deepest inner truths and the life of my dreams 🔥

After you finish watching, please let me know in comments:

What limiting beliefs were you told when you were little? When did you start recognizing them, and how can you turn them around?

And remember… You can trust yourself. Life gets to be fun. And the world needs your message.

I hope this serves you!

Sending so much love,
Leonie xoxo

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