Why your influence might be bigger than you think…

Something VERY strange happened to me last week. 

I was hanging out in a small alpine valley with some friends.

We went out for dinner at a local guest house.

It looked casual, but upon entering a stunning view over the surrounding mountain range revealed… 🏔

What surprised us most though, was the waiter serving us. 

He felt very present and playful. We enjoyed his energy.

After a delicious meal we got up and left some tips.

Two days later we’re hanging at a Jazz Festival in another city. 🎶 

Curious to discover the surroundings (and score some good food), I went for a walk.

It was a busy late night market. Voices in the crowd were buzzing.

I overlooked a food stand selling some delicious local olives…

Suddenly I noticed a familiar face next to me. 

It was… The waiter!

“Hey!” I said, “remember me?”

He said: “Yeah! You had dinner in the restaurant recently.”

We sparked a conversation.

Then something very strange happened… 😳

He said to me:

“I already knew who you were long before you told me…”

What?! Wait a minute…

(creep alert!) 🚨

I asked: “What do you mean?”

He told me:

“A friend introduced your work to me. 

I’ve been following you and your partner for some time online. 

I’ve seen your Epic Love Challenge and multiple times done the guided meditation…” 


What. The. Fuck.

My jaw dropped. 

I thought to myself: …in this local Alpine village? 

I asked: “How come you didn’t tell me?”

He said: “I felt too ashamed to tell you. 

They serve meat in that restaurant and that’s not something I’m promoting.” 

😳 O.M.G.

I wanted to scream: 😱 

“I don’t care about you serving meat!

When the hell WOULD have been the right situation to tell me?!”

He continued:

“I really enjoyed both of your work, it has made a big difference for me…”

I was mind struck. ⚡ 

Just imagine:

If I wouldn’t have bumped into him, 

I never would have discovered we made such a difference… 😳

It made me wonder:

How often does this happen without me discovering it? 

Just think about it for a second: 

How often do you follow someone online,

but not necessarily “like” their images every time they post them? 👍🏻

Are they still influencing you?

Do you still LOVE their vibe and content? 💓

Hell yes!

You don’t tell them every time they’re making a difference!

That brings me to you. 🙌🏻 

Are you aware of how big your influence really is? 

Even if your following is small, do you know that your influence goes 3 circles deep? 🎯

When you inspire one person, you also inspire her friends and her friends’ friends.

You’re literally inspiring thousands of people, even if you have very little followers… 

So next time before you doubt yourself,

(and whether it’s worth posting that new insight or sending out that email to your friends or followers…)

Think of all the people you’re actually influencing.

You never know if what you share might make a difference. 

Life is short. Share your wisdom, experience and stories. 

I said goodbye to the waiter, and walked over to my friends.

Once the music finished, we walked to the edge of the lake.

Thousands of candles were burning on it. 🕯 

Someone had the courage and audacity to fill hundreds of eggshells with oil and let them float…

Making a beautiful project happen that magical summer night. 🌙

The magic of those candles made a big difference for us, and influenced us three circles deep…

Remember: The world needs your radiance. 

Please keep on sharing yourself.

I hope this inspires you. 🙏🏻

Sending hugs & kisses,

Leonie xxx 💗






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