(#10) Riding the wave between expansion and fear 🌊 Live from Canggu beach 🏖💕

Hi gorgeous!

Today I have something special for you.

I take you with me on my morning walk on the beach in Bali.

Yes… It’s the closest we’ll get to travel right now. 💗🌍

I reflect on manifesting my first high-end client and share about my recent growth and up-leveling.

It’s pretty intimate. Things I cover:

– What’s the difference between fear & resistance (and how to shift)
– How to know whether your goal is expansive or too big
– How to ride the wave between what comes easy and feels expansive
– Why focusing on what you LOVE is key to manifesting anything

Please note: this recording was created 5 months ago, by the sea. The audio includes waves, and quite some things have changed by now. However — the message is still very much worth it. 

Start listening below. 

After listening, let me know — what’s the next-level you are leaning into? Is it something you LOVE? 

Some of the things I mentioned in this podcast:

I love you, boss babe. You’ve got this.

Sending big hugs, Leonie xxx 💕






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