Episode #3 – Want more money? Have more sex! 💗💵



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  1. corinne Woodward says:

    I enjoyed your podcast. I have been with my man for over 30 years. I love him, however, sex is never been that great. I feel I have evolved in my own sexuality voicing what I desire and being really present and not wandering off into fantasies. I aim at giving my partner what I am looking for sensuality, touch, slowness and passion. The thing is he doesn’t really turn me on. We’ve talked a lot about this and he is open and loves me deeply and wants to do the right thing. But I am not sure how to improve things. Most of the things you talk about and a lot more we’ve tried like breathing, slowness, holding back, eye to eye contact, caressing, … I have listened and read many, many books on the subject of sex. I am not sure what to do to take us deeper into our sexuality. For a while, I thought to experience other men would help us and I have allowed my partner to experiment. But I have never created that opportunity. I have been strongly attracted to a few men through my life but often the fact I am with someone frighten them. If you have any advice I would be truly grateful.

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