Episode #6 — 5 Minute Morning Ritual for Alignment & Productivity 💗

Hi Queen!

The way you begin your day determines whether or not you’ll win. 

When I say “winning”, I don’t mean being “ahead” or fighting anyone or something. 😂

I mean whether you’re creating from a state of struggle VS alignment and delicious flow. 

And also: whether you’re going to be ridiculously productive and manifest the life of your dreams…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to settle for anything else, and I’m NOT interested in struggling, pushing or fighting. 

That’s soooo 2015 😉 

There’s a much better way to do it. 

If you want to feel more aligned and productive, you’ll love today’s podcast episode.

Listen to this recording and discover: 

– Why having a 5 minute morning ritual can literally shift your entire day 
– The mind trick I used to get up at 6:30 in the morning 
– Why I absolutely refuse to believe in struggling 
– How I turned my bedroom into a rave party 

After listening, let me know if you’re taking on the challenge to do a morning ritual every day this week! Leave a comment below.

Sending hugs to you! 
Keep on rocking. 🙂 

XO, Leonie 



  1. Kinga says:

    Thank You Leonie ! I really enjoyed listening you all fired up like that! Didn’t know the song will defdinatelybtry it out ! Love

    • Leonie says:

      Yes, Kinga! Nothing better than feeling fired up in the early AM (or ALL DAY for that matter 😉 Sending hugs and excited for you to try it out. Have fun and keep me updated!

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