I'm Leonie Gabriella. 👋

I'm the creator of the Wildly Abundant Woman Academy and Money Manifesting Queen.

I am very grateful to say I’m living an EPIC lifestyle where I get to travel wherever and whenever I want and live my dreams helping women through my online courses and coaching.

But it wasn't always like this.

This lifestyle and business did not fall into my lap.

When I started off, I was unconfident, always in my head and constantly stressed about money.

It was hard for me to get clients and I wasn't able to do the things I wanted.

I kept myself small and settled for it.

Deep inside I knew something else had to be possible, but my fears around stepping up and going big were completely blocking me.

Once I tapped into my female intuition and fixed my money story — everything started flowing. 

I’ll never forgot that moment I had to make that phone call.

It was a hot summer evening in Thailand.

I received an urgent message from my bank that I was too much in debt.

I had already gotten a couple of these statements, but figured it couldn’t be that serious...

This time though, they said that if I wouldn’t fill up my bank account immediately, they’d cancel my account and send over a debt collector that same week…

This would mean I’d have to pay thousands of dollars worth of fines and not get any financing in the future…

Shit 😳

I decided to call my dad.

The phone rang a couple of times.

Then a few times more.

He didn’t answer.

In that moment something hit me.

I realized I had given up my financial independence.

Even though I was debt-free and financially independent by the age of 21, a few years later I got in trouble financially when I became an entrepreneur.

My dad decided to help me out every now and then. I thought, no biggie.

But in reality: I had gotten addicted to being “on money drip”.

I had NO IDEA what was actually happening in my financial department, and felt completely lost when it came to making money in my business.

I felt powerless, ashamed and frustrated.

In that moment I made a decision.

I decided I would NEVER let that happen to me again.

I vowed to myself to master finances.

I vowed to create financial wealth.

I vowed to take care of my money situation.

And so I did.

I went to countless seminars.

Read dozens of books.

Did every course I could find on financial education.

I learned about the dynamics of money.

I overcame my limiting money beliefs.

I activated a joyful, empowering money managing system.

I got my shit together.

I now have enough money in my bank account to live off for an entire year.

I often earn more in a month than I used to in a year.

And I continue generating more abundance of money every day...

And this is my life vision.

I want to always have enough money, so that I can relax and give myself as much space and time as I need.

So many spiritual women still subconsciously have negative beliefs about their mission and money.

They fail to understand the root cause of their lack of income, and they’re constantly fighting to make ends meet.

But is that really in our highest service?

Is it helping the world when we struggle with money?

Wouldn’t you say it’s time for you to open the floodgates, start feeling supported and start serving?

After experiencing my own transformation, I can say for certain:

Your beliefs about money, abundance and success 100% create your reality.

In order to thrive financially — you MUST release the hidden blocks within.

So you can create a life of abundance, in all senses of the word.

Also financially.

That is why I created this business.

So that you can raise your standards, welcome abundance and feel deeply supported.

And in fact… Not only money! But so you can be yourself on all levels of your life.

See, I believe you truly can have it all: 

You can trust yourself.
The world NEEDS your message.
And you get to have fun along the way.

Yes, I mean that.

You can trust yourself, and be wildly abundantly successful…

While staying connected to your femininity, your spirituality, have amazing relationships, and make a massive difference.

And all that takes is you stepping into your true self unapologetically.

Claiming your worthiness, overcoming the blocks, and sure... Some practical tips along the way :) 

Once you do that, all your desires will come to you with ease.

I'm so grateful you're here.

We're going to have a blast together!

XOXO, Leonie 💕😘

1) I grew up in a Christian Cult and wanted to be a boy when I was a teenager…
By listening to Adam & Eve's story as a child, I somehow decided the world thought it was better to be a man than a woman. Stepping into my full feminine self-expression and finding my own sense of spirituality has part of my personal healing & empowerment journey. 💞

2) I have an obsession with tropical fruit. 🍉🍒🍇🍑
I managed to heal a host of health symptoms by eating mostly raw vegan.
👆🏻 That used to be my bi-weekly grocery shopping 😋

3. Beyoncé is my religion. 
If you're not OK with communicating in Queen B giphies - we may not get along! 😂
(I mean hey, she's Queen Supreme!)

4. I have a background in coaching, tantra, personal development and embodied empowerment work. I consider myself very spiritual and at the same time down to earth. The masculine and feminine energies are both very important to me. I love being both Business smart and heart + body connected. ☯️

5. I love nature and will probably keep ⛺️ camping outside no matter how much $$$ I earn. (Seriously — what's better than a tent + campfire + lakeside + friends? 🌲 I can't think of anything... 🤷🏼‍♀️)

6. 🤔 I also really like staying in 5 Star Hotels tho... 😍⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
(Good thing I don't have to choose! I love living the kinda life where I get to have it all: spirituality, nature, luxury, making an impact, abundance, love and success. 🙏🏻)  You can have that too, you know?

7. I spend a lot of time on Ibiza. Nope... Not for party! For good vibes only.
I don't drink and don't do drugs, so Ibiza might not be what you expected. I stay in a community style living home there, not for party, but for good vibes!  

8. I absolutely LOVE coaching women.
There's nothing that brings me more energy. (👆🏻That's me with some of the very sexy & powerful ladies I get to work with, during a live event last year)

9. I once made €5.974 overnight, without realizing it!
It was the best feeling to wake up to multiple payments after having a relaxing sleep. 💰🌙 It happens more often now, and I love making money on automation while knowing I'm making a massive difference. 💗

10. I love being naked. Yup, I'm a total nudist. 🙈👙
(I need to make sure I actually have clothes on before going live so I don't look crazy 😂) P.S. Don't worry... I also like clothes. But if this is TMI for you, we might not be the right match 😉

This is the exact technique I used to go from feeling unclear and doubtful to having thousands of students.


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