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I'm Leonie Gabriella.
I'm a raw foodie, world traveling
entrepreneur and passionate coach, committed to helping you create the
most epic business and life you love.
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Love & Appreciation
Discover what some of my clients have to say  🙏
I love Leonie's transparency, openness and dedication. After working with her, I feel more empowered, relaxed, juicy and honest to myself and others.
- Tanja Zapolski,
Wow! Thanks to Leonie, I've finally been able to make a radical shift in my life. I now feel super empowered, and it all feels totally natural! 
- Ariane Elizabeth, 
Temple van Isis
I lost 11 kilograms and truly started loving myself. Leonie gave me lots of compassion and love, lifted me up and gave me confidence.
- Yolanda God,
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